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At What Costs?

By Donna Keeya

   On Wednesday, Stoneman Douglas high school in Florida had a mass shooting, that left 17 people dead. In this day and age, this information didn’t even come off as a shock to the many Americans who read similar headlines every couple of months about similar incidents. At this pace, nothing is going to change. If we continue to do nothing, more innocent lives will continue to be taken away.

   We all know that some action must be taken to stop all these shootings, but the question is what needs to be done? It seems like everyone has a different opinion. There are strong advocates for banning all recreational guns and outlawing anything of the sorts. On the flip side, some individuals are firm believers that we need to arm all teachers as precaution.  As a high school student, I believe the solution is some grey area in between, but I don’t know exactly what it is.

   What I do know is that this is the time to speak up for what you believe in. As long as you’re being respectful to those around you, your opinion will be heard. Speak up. Go to a protest. Make a difference. 

Major Meltdown

By Aliyu Alabi

    As graduation slowly approaches, seniors are inclined to start thinking about college and their future careers. Some people already know what they would like to study, ready for whats ahead, but others struggle to figure out what they would like to do. This is a matter that needs to be carefully thought through, as it sets the path for what is ahead. Questions that are important to consider while picking your major are as follows.  

1. What schools offer your major and where are they located? 

2. What are you passionate about?

3. What are you talented at?

4. How much will tuition cost? 

5. Will it enable you to obtain a career to support your spending habits? 

DC VS Marvel

By Mohammad Baig

  Let’s start off by critiquing Justice League. It was an over the top, timeless and an unnecessary movie. There were so many things that they could’ve gone right, but decided to plummet down to its unfortunate doom.
  Warner Bros presents DC Universe as a dark curtain of the underworld. They focus way too much on “hype” rather than the quality of their work. The thing that bothers most fans is that DC has so much potential that they are not willing to seek. They made Batman look like a complete and utter wimp in all the action scenes. You’d think that all the major superheroes combined together would be close to invincible. Well, guess what? You’re wrong! They were completely helpless without Superman. In fact, throughout the whole movie, the heroes kept on struggling until Superman came through to save the day. Overall the movie just felt like it was rushed and could’ve followed a better timeline.
   As the majority of us may know, DC’s main competition is Marvel. Marvel has been planning their timeline for over 10 years! Unlike DC which just picks and chooses to do whatever they wish. This might sound like I’m hating on DC, but in all honesty, I’m more so disappointed rather than angry. Any comic book nerd would agree with me on that. The last good DC movie was the Batman Trilogy with Christian Bale! The only reason why Wonder Woman even did well was due to the visual appeal for male viewers.
  There is a whole stigma over how Marvel is better than DC, or vice verse. However what I, and a bunch of other nerds, believe is that Marvel just makes better films based on of timelines and cinematic. DC mainly focuses on cinematic scenes. The original DC comics are some of the most original and incredible pieces of history till date! Unfortunately, they are not able to translate that back into their films. Which gives them an overall negative feedback from their audience.

Baig’s Dos and Don’ts For Black Friday!

By Mohammad Baig

1. Do Research Online Prices Before You Go Out

On a normal day, retail stores charge a lot more for electronics than their online competitors. On Black Friday, you may find something that looks like a fantastic sale in the store but is hardly less than the regular price you would have paid online.

2. Don't Leave the House for Less than $200 in Total Savings

Let's do some math to estimate the cost of standing in line for the possibility, but not the certainty, of a bargain. Assume you will be spending a minimum of 5 hours on travel and waiting in long lines at the single store, though for the good deals, you may need to wait in front of the store much longer. If you value your free time at even a low rate of $10 per hour, that's $50 plus the cost of transportation to and from the store, which we'll estimate at $4, the cost of one gallon of gas.

3. Do Use Bargain Aggregators to Find Deals Online

Shopping online is a much more civilized and time-efficient way to buy gifts and fill out your gadget collection this Black Friday. With dozens of sites, including those for the major brick and mortar retailers, offering sales and coupon codes, it's easy to miss the best sales. Fortunately, there are a number of deal blogs that do nothing but find and report on the best prices.

4. Don't Buy Outdated Phones

Many retailers use Black Friday as an excuse to dump outdated products from their inventories. When it comes to phones, just say no, because last year's mobile devices have slower CPUs, lower-res screens and, in the case of Android devices, often have old versions of the operating system.


5. Do Buy Hard Drives, SSDs, and Other Storage / Memory Upgrades

Whether you're buying SD memory cards, more RAM, an external hard drive or an SSD upgrade, you can find some incredible deals online this Black Friday. We expect to see 128GB SSDs selling for $50 or less and 256GB models approaching the $100 mark. What better way to say "I love you" than with an upgrade that doubles or triples the speed of your most important tasks?


6. Do Use Coupon Codes to Configure Your Ideal Laptop for Less

Rather than buying the cheapest piece of junk notebook you see advertised, look for coupon codes for vendors that let you configure a notebook to your liking such as Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba and HP. With the appropriate price reduction, you can build just the ThinkPad or Inspiron you need and get a hefty chunk off the list price. Find the coupon codes on deal aggregation sites like Logicbuy and Techbargains.


7. Don't Even Consider Buying a Cheap, Low-End Tablet

What's the point of buying a tablet if it can't run your apps and the picture is such a low resolution that all the pixels are so big that they look like Ben-Day dots? So please for the love of Jobs or the admiration of Android avoid low-cost craplets like the Ematic eGlide EGL25BL that Walmart sells. With its 7-inch resistive touchscreen and 1-GHz processor, this sad slate is likely to send you screaming back to your PC.


8. Do Buy a Prosumer DSLR or Mirrorless Camera

This year, we're seeing some really good deals on prosumer quality cameras that are good enough for serious photography. Normally, you have to pay a minimum of $500 for a camera body with the worst possible lens. However, this year, we're seeing kits that come with zoom lenses, SD cards, cases and everything you need to capture professional-grade images.


9. Do Buy Accessories and Peripherals, Especially Monitors


On Black Friday, we often see better deals on gadgets you attach to your computer than on the computer itself. So, if you're planning to purchase a mouse, keyboard, Wi-Fi router or all-in-one printer, Black Friday could be a good time to act.

A Letter to the Editor

Guadalupe County Shooting

By Ariana McNairy

  On Nov. 5 a shooting at the First Baptist Church took the title of the worst mass shooting in Texas history; claiming 26 lives and injuring about 15 others. The dead civilians ranged from age five through seventy-two, all unaware that Sunday would be their last day. 

  The shooter was identified as Devin Kelley, who was shot and killed in Guadalupe County by law enforcement officers. No motivation for the 26-year-old's attack has been identified, but it is clear that it was a pre-planned attack, due the tactical gear he arrived in. 

  Kelly purchased a Ruger AR-556 rifle (identified as the mass-shooting weapon) back in 2014, where he apprehended the fire-arm by lying about his criminal history. He was court marshaled in 2012, after serving in the United States Air Force, for assaulting both his wife and child, later serving a year in prison for these crimes. 

  The small community is devasted and completely taken aback. Wilson County commissioner, Albert Gamez Jr., told news reporters, "We never think where it can happen, and it does happen. It doesn't matter where you're at. In a small community, real quiet and everything, look at this,".

  The tight-knit community came together to hold a vigil across from the church in memory of the fallen and reassurance that together they can overcome this devastation. 

"Tone Down your Spirit"

Students feel limited by administration's standards 

By Femi Shonowo

   There are rising complaints within the student body about the constraint put on them by the administration. Dress code may be needed, but the extent practiced at Austin is starting to make students feel limited while trying to show school spirit. During school activities, such as homecoming week and red ribbon week, some students avoid participating out of fear of being caught out of dress code."Apparently a pink headband that is clearly worn for pink out and breast cancer awareness is too close to red which is stereotypically related to gang violence," Jordan Boley said.

   Some students at Austin, feel as if you can't go a week without seeing an administrator require a student to change into a more "dress code appropriate" outfit. We don't allow students to wear certain things because it could be dangerous because they wouldn't be able to identify certain people," George Long said. The administration should reconsider how serious dress code violations are, in order to promote more school spirit.


Balenciaga Triple S: Cop or Drop?

By Aliyu Alabi

  Balenciaga is one of the prominent designers in today's fashion
industry. They're known for their high fashion apparel and
sneakers. They recently released a sneaker that has been receiving
different reactions from the public. The sneaker itself was designed to follow the
"ugly, dad shoes" trend and it does a perfect job.

  The sneaker features nubuck and mesh material with a quilted effect. The

sole is also one of the main eye catchers due to the fact that its
very thick. Many believe that these sneakers are ugly, but I
personally find them fashionable and would consider buying them. With
a price tag of $850 would you cop or drop?


By Aliyu Alabi

These are five songs that are making a huge buzz in the streets.

1. Patek Water- Future ft. Young Thug

2. Ready For It?- Taylor Swift

3. MotorSport- Migos ft. Nicki Minaj and Cardi B

4. Rockstar- Post Malone ft. 21 Savage

5. Gucci Gang- Lil Pump

Don't Sleep on Drugs?

 By Aliyu Alabi

   Red Ribbon Week is used to highlight the fight against drugs. At
Austin high school we participate by choosing different dress-up
themes throughout the week. The themes were announced last week, and
the whole school couldn't help notice a huge blunder made by Student
Council. "Don"t Sleep On Drugs" was written on one of the posters,
which was very ironic due to the fact that the school was trying to
discourage drug use. The term "Don't Sleep" is usually used to say not
to underestimate something. This was very controversial and caused a
lot of criticism from students. Although the posters have been taken
down, commentary from students shows no sign of stopping.



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